Our Team & Consulting Philosophy

Our founding partner brings over 25 years of leadership and management experience working with for profit, associations, government and not-for-profit agencies.

Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Personal values that have allowed me to create deep and meaningful relationships with emergent female managers and leaders like you include authenticity, humility, integrity and optimism. My professional career has provided me with many learning opportunities to engage with leaders and teams in the profit, non-profit and government sectors.

At this stage in my career, my desire is to share my learning, to inspire leaders like you to see the capacity within yourself. To provide the knowledge, skills, and capacity for you to create team environments where there is continued growth and learning. Growth in yourself, your team members, and your organization. My commitment is to build your capacity to become the leader you want to be so that you can make a systems impact and change the world through your leadership!

At OBD Inc we create safe and trusting spaces to learn together. This allows  leaders like you and your teams to build your capacity, to think differently together and to co-create your shared future states.

Our highly interactive and engaging learning journeys provide practical cutting edge frameworks, strategies, and tools that can be immediately applied in your work. I have the education. The experience. And the expertise to guide you through a transformational learning process.

My life journey is my leadership journey and there have been so many teachers and mentors along the way including individuals, organizations, community groups and historical icons. I want to share these learnings with you.

Formal certificates, designations and degrees are credentials that validate my rich and diverse professional experiences over the last 25 years. My learning journey continues to evolve with every new relationship, client and learning journey. I want to be a part of the next leg of your leadership journey!

I hold a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, an MBA in Leadership, a Strategic Human Resource Post Graduate Certificate. I am a certified MBTI facilitator and Advanced Facilitator Practitioner.

Most Recent – Advance Facilitator Certificate

New Partner Announcement

New Partner Announcement

Coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Zyrha's Story

Zyrha's Story

As a seasoned administrative and marketing professional, I have gained a wide range of experience and expertise that I bring to my role at OBD Inc. I have worked in diverse fields and gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by leaders in different sectors. My current position at OBD Inc. truly allows me to thrive and grow both personally and professionally everyday. Our OBD Inc approach is practical and applied which allows me to put my learning to work right away, everyday!

As a member of the OBD Inc team, I find immense satisfaction in building and contributing to the growth and success of our leadership and organizational development services. Working in start-up environments has taught me to be adaptable, creative, and proactive in finding solutions to increase our brand, grow our client base and build capacity for emergent leaders, like you!

At OBD Inc, we create safe and trusting online spaces where leaders and their teams can learn and grow together through our 1:1 mentoring, team mentoring or group programs. Our interactive and engaging learning journeys provide practical, cutting-edge frameworks, strategies, and tools that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

As an integral member of the OBD Inc team, my goal is to support our founder and leadership team to achieve their vision of empowering leaders and teams to co-create their shared future states. I am dedicated to supporting the OBD Inc team, you and your team through a transformational learning process that will equip you with the knowledge, skills, strategies and tools using best practices in leadership that you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

I provide comprehensive administrative and social media marketing support to Organizations by Design Inc.

Our Consulting Philosophy

We have a different approach.

We have learned to create space that allows for deep and meaningful conversations where leaders, teams, and organizations can think differently together and can realize their desired future state. We can foster your learning and leadership development with our highly interactive online learning approach.  

We want to be a part of your leadership journey.  

With over 25 years of leadership and management experience we can help you build your leadership capacity. Show you how to leverage the way your teams think and learn together. We can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to build internal and external relationships to realize your mission and vision. 

We want to create a community of leaders.  

We want to connect, build and support a network of female leaders that have a strong desire to continue to learn and grow organizations and initiatives that make a difference. We know that collaborating and leading change across organizational or systems boundaries requires time, practice and continual learning.

We want to build a community of women leaders that lift each other up in their workplaces!

Let’s connect to discuss your next step!