Leadership is about how we shape the future we truly desire.

Organizations by Design believes it takes capacity, creativity, and an ability to connect deeply to lead teams, organization or communities through complex change toward their desired future state.

Do you want to learn how to build leadership capacity at the personal, team, organization or community level?

Personal mastery involves developing core competencies in collaboration, creating aspirational goals, understanding complex change and connecting through relationships.  You can accomplish this and so much more by joining a network of systems thinkers, thought leaders, and change agents.

Are you passionate, do you care deeply and are you able to see the larger system in which you operate? Are you able to foster deep trusting relationships and build creative teams and networks? Do you have a knack for connecting with what matters most to people and are you able to unleash their collective imagination and energy?  

We can connect you to leadership development opportunities, thought leaders and community initiatives!

Teams can acquire the capacity to learn to more creatively think together. Seeing the big picture is a team sport.  

Do your team members understand their role in relation to your organizational mission, business and strategic plan? Do they see the team’s role in relation to the larger organization? Do they need tools to help them think more creatively and productively together? Do you want to create an organization that will attract and retain committed employees who share your vision?  

We want to share our experiences with leading great teams. Check out our leadership development programs, masterclasses, workshops, webinars and videos!

Successful organizations recognize the opportunities that come from risks.

Are your short-term solutions only giving you temporary relief? Do you feel like the status quo is as good as it gets and do you want to change from problem solving to seeing possibilities? Do you know the forces that drive your strategy and those of sector leaders? How are your competitors thinking differently than you? What assumptions are you using to make decisions? 

Better understanding your organization’s value to your community and stakeholders can help you transition from your current reality to your future state.  

Let’s connect to explore ways OBD Inc can work with your organization!  

Everyone defines community differently, some define it from an industry or professional perspective, some geographically and some by area of interest, for instance vulnerable populations. We invite you to view exciting inspirational at home and around the world initiatives featured on our website. And to share with us initiatives you are involved with locally or globally. 

Are you interested in joining or creating a learning network? Tell us about what that network would look like and we will help make those personal connections for you. 

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You may also want to review our list of resources on leading, learning and collaborating. We encourage you to share them with others and to share your resources with us, so we can share them with others.

Our thought leaders are individuals that are visionaries, capacity builders and systems thinkers.  If this describes you let’s connect over a coffee!

At Organizations by Design Inc we envision building a community of thought leaders by sharing resources, creating learning networks, making meaningful connections and by building leadership capacity.

Leadership Learning Journeys

Your Leadership Journey: Building your Leadership Capacity Leadership development for new managers & leaders. Our interactive online applied leadership development programs provide weekly LIVE sessions by a facilitator with over 25 years experience, self-paced learning in a platform that allows for active engagement with a community of learners.

Our customized 1:1 or team mentoring provides an accountability partner to ensure you put your learning into practice.

Build your leadership capacity, achieve your desired results and reach your career goals.

Team Learning Journey: Building Collaborative Learning Teams Includes a pre-team member assessment and team learning to build capacity and address your teams needs. Learning together as a team allows you to understand and apply your learning together and make a greater impact.

Organizational Learning Journey: Building a Learning Organization. An organizational Cultural Audit that explores your current organizational state, strengths and gaps. Includes a discussion of our audit report and recommendations for a customized organization learning series.

Jasper Place Client Learning Journey!

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.

- Einstein

The deep problems we face today are the results of a way of thinking whose time has passed.

- The Necessary Revolution, Peter Senge et al

Our 1:1 mentoring, team mentoring and leadership development programs are customized to meet your personal, team and organizational needs!


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