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Current Learning Communities of Practice (LCoP) supported by OBD Inc.

5th Discipline Fieldbook Book Club  – Starts January 19, 2021 and runs monthly to December 2021. Membership RRU SHRM 2020 cohort.

Collaborative Learning Teams- Starts January 2021. Open to community. Contact info@organizationsbydesign.ca if you are interested in joining.  

Upcoming Events

NEW 2021 Systems Leadership Series: March to June 2021

For registration information go to community/workshop tab on this website. 

What is a system: We will define a system and systems thinking. We will explore the systems that you engage within your leadership role and ways to personally integrate the discipline of systems thinking into your leadership approach.

The Being & Doing of Leadership: We will explore the habits and characteristics of a systems leader, specifically we will look at how you as a systems leader needs to be and what you need to do. An inventory of your strengths and challenges will assist you in identifying the gaps- and for developing an action plan.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Result: We will introduce concepts and tools used by systems leaders, including lenses that allow systems leaders to apply systems thinking in their day to day work. 

Creating a Shared Vision of The Future: We will explore tools to use with your team or organization to create a shared vision. You will build your capacity as a systems leader to connect each individual team member’s personal vision with the organizational vision to create engagement,  productivity and inspiration in your workplace. 

Building Relationship: The focus of this session is on building relationships and your coaching capacity. We will explore a coaching philosophy, approach and tools that align with a systems leader’s ways of being and doing. 

Managing Change: We will explore change within the system leaders realm.  We will review some change frameworks, apply them to a current change initiative, and ways to lead in a non-stop continuous environment of change.

Creating a Learning Team: We will share strategies and tools to foster you team’s ability to learn together. You will learn the qualities of a learning team, and acquire skills you can use to build learning capacity in your team. 

Wrap Up: A Year in Review: In this wrap up session systems leaders will showcase their learning and shifts in their practice that are making a big difference in their personal, team, organizational and community leadership.