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Current Learning Communities of Practice (LCoP) supported by OBD Inc.

5th Discipline Fieldbook Book Club  – Starts January 19, 2021 and runs monthly to December 2021. Membership RRU SHRM 2020 cohort.

Collaborative Learning Teams- Starts January 2021. Open to community. Contact info@organizationsbydesign.ca if you are interested in joining.  

Upcoming Events

Starting November 23, 2021: Change Endurance: Managing in a Non-Stop World of Change

It has become a truism that the only constant is change. The impacts of a change in government, economic impacts in the oil & gas sector, changes in sector funding, and a global pandemic have us in a continuous, nonstop state of change.  And our middle managers are most affected, in their ‘sandwich roles’ of supporting staff and responding to senior leaders. In this session we will address the stages of transition and change as an ongoing phenomenon. This series provides a new way of thinking about change, as well as tools and strategies that you can use to manage in a non-stop world of continuous change. This very popular workshop is endorsed by 65 not for profit and government leaders that recently participated in the series. 

This course is offered in partnership with Yukon University: Fall 2021 starting online November 23rd.  To register visit Managing in a Non-Stop World of Change | Yukon University —-Registration closes on November 13th.

Starting January 11, 2022: Systems Thinking Leadership Series

Are you, your team, or your organization looking at ways to learn to think differently together? Looking at where to intervene in your system to impact real change? Learning (or refreshing) your innate systems thinking skills will literally change your view of your world. Come and learn about how to apply the habits of systems thinkers, learn systems thinking tools and about systems archetypes that you can apply in your everyday work. 

This course is offered in partnership with Concordia University of Edmonton: Winter 2022 Session: January 11-March 11, 2022 and Yukon University: Spring 2022 Dates TBD.

Starting February 2022: Systems Thinking & Building Learning Teams for Edmonton Not For Profit Emergent Leaders

This 10 month learning journey will bring together emergent leaders from Not for Profit agencies in the Edmonton Area to develop their systems thinking capacity and to learn how to build learning teams.  

This learning journey is offered in partnership with the Edmonton Community Foundation: February 2022 to November 2022. Dates TBD by selected applicants to the program.  Learning with be hybrid: virtual and in person as per AHS regulations. If you are interested in being considered for this session contact: Nicole van Kuppeveld at nicole@organizationsbydesign.ca provide your not for profit agency, your title, your reasons or interest in being considered for this leadership learning opportunity. A $250 deposit will be required to secure your seat!

Starting Spring 2022: Building Collaborative Learning Teams

Teams that work together can build capacity to adapt by learning to think better together. Creating the condition for collaborative team learning is an acquired skill. There are strategies and tools to challenge assumptions of beliefs that can impede being able to think more creatively and clearly to attain team and organizational goals. Creating learning teams in your organization will attract and retain employees who share this way of working together to achieve a shared vision.  This applied learning opportunity will provide skills you can use to build learning capacity in your team. 

This course is offered in partnership with Yukon University: Spring 2022 Dates TBD. All of these offerings are available to leaders, teams, organizations and community groups.  To discuss reach out to us at info@organizationsbydesign.ca to set up a virtual coffee to discuss your learning and leadership needs!