Change Endurance Series

Change endurance is a leadership capacity that you can learn. Our series provides you with knowledge, practical skills and tools from current best practices to manage change at the personal, team and organizational level.

Part I: Managing in a World of Nonstop Change (Overview)

It has become a truism that the only constant is change. The impacts of political, economic, social & technological shifts have us in a continuous, nonstop state of change.  And middle managers like you are most affected, in your ‘sandwich roles’ of dealing with staff and upper management. In this overview we address the stages of transition & change as an ongoing phenomenon which will provide context for next three parts of this series on change endurance.

Part II: A Framework for Personal Change

In today’s changing global economy -uncertainty and constant change- are an ongoing concern and an ever-present reality. Under these conditions we often feel insecure and we grasp for any source of stability and predictability. In the workplace in particular we yearn for a sense of purpose. We often have high expectations for our leaders, but we need to hold the same expectations for ourselves in our leadership roles.

Part III: Tools & Strategies to Build Resiliency

Organizations today need to work faster, more collaboratively, and recognize that a good idea can come from anywhere. They need new ways of thinking and new ways of doing – and they need leaders who can embrace and help create the new normal. This session will focus on tools and strategies for building resiliency in your teams.

Part IV: Finding Vitality As Organizations

Building more learning-agile, strategic, and emotionally intelligent leadership is needed in an environment that is constantly changing. Learn how to create new paradigms to tackle uncertainty. We will explore the importance of learning together and the disciplines of the Learning Organization (Senge, 2006). In the current environment you can excel, grow and surpass your expectations- and have fun in the process!

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I found the content and the delivery of this series very engaging, informative and applicable in my day to day work with my team. I am so pleased to have attended a learning opportunity that delivers the depth of information and challenged participants to think differently. It was a meaningful experience for me and the discussion and interaction was lively and fun.

Danielle Ladouceur, former Executive Director at Families Matter Society 

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