Women’s Leadership Series

Our mission: Mentoring women to become the leaders they want to be!

Our vision: Women Lifting Each Other Up in Every Workplace!

We want to build a community of emergent female leaders that are looking for a community of women who resonate with our mission and vision.

 As a female working mother and leader that has held executive director, branch manager, program manager, and provincial manager roles in the for profit, not for profit and government sectors, I am uniquely aware of the mentoring and mindset required to navigate the aspects of your organizational culture. 

Through the Women’s Leadership Series we will share lessons learned, including those from my 25 years of experience, so you do not have to make them yourselves.  I want to equip you to navigate organizational politics, promote your personal brand and develop your unique leadership style- so you can have an impact on the mission and vision of your organization. 

You’ll learn proven strategies and tools that you can apply as a leader right away, because at OBD Inc we use a highly interactive and applied approach to leadership development.  We look forward to co-creating this program with you- and to creating a community of women that will be companions on a leadership learning journey for years! 

Are you intrigued by a program where women leaders lift each other up? Are you excited about the prospect of co-creating this learning program? To becoming part of a community of like minded women that want to change the world through their leadership?

Let’s connect for a virtual coffee to get to know each other, to share our leadership dreams – and to find ways to support each other on respective leadership learning journeys!

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