Our Partners & Consulting Philosophy

As partners we bring more than 50 years of leadership and senior management experience working with associations, government and not-for-profit agencies.

Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Personal values that have allowed me to create deep and meaningful relationships with others include authenticity, humility, integrity and optimism. My professional career has provided me with many learning opportunities to engage with leaders and teams in the profit, non-profit and government sectors, at various stages in their evolution.

Like Karen, at this stage in my career, my desire is to share my learning, to inspire people to see the capacity within themselves, and to provide ways and means for them to create environments where there is continued growth and learning. Growth in themselves, their teams, their organizations and their communities. My commitments are to learning and relationships.  

My life journey is my leadership journey and there have been so many teachers and mentors along the way including individuals, organizations, community groups and historical icons.

Creating space that allows for deep and meaningful conversation, emotions, and authentic relationships is my gift.  Together with Karen, we create safe and trusting spaces that allows individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to have deep and meaningful conversations, to think differently together and to co-create their shared future states.

Large scale community change requires trusted partners and skilled facilitators, like my thinking partner and I, that are able to step into profound uncertainty with courage and confidence and guide our client’s through a learning process.

My formal certificates, designations and degrees are credentials that validate rich and diverse personal and professional experiences over the last 30 years. My learning journey continues to evolve with every new relationship, client and initiative.

I hold a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, an MBA in Leadership, a Strategic HR Post Graduate Certificate. I am a certified MBTI facilitator, Circle Facilitator and completed the Indigenous Partnership Development Program through the University of Alberta Business Faculty.  I am a certified Advanced Practitioner through the Waters Centre for Systems Thinking.

Most Recent – Advance Facilitator Certificate

Karen's Story

Karen's Story

I have worked in the non profit sector for over 35 years, most of which have been spent in leadership roles. Although I have professional education, the biggest learning experiences have come from the people I serve, the teams I work with and my peers. Like Nicole, I am a lifelong learner and my learning journey continues to evolve with each new relationship, new learning and new experience.

Relationships, genuineness and integrity guide my life and work journey, these three important values allow me to create space where meaningful conversations and deep connections can occur. Early in my career I intentionally sought to have meaning in what I do and how I live everyday: this is and continues to be my life mission. I have worked for and with several remarkable community leaders that have added perspective and value to my learning and leadership journey. My passion is in helping others find their way, by learning through reflection and experience, so that they develop into strong individuals, excellent practitioners and amazing leaders. My commitment is to collaborative practice and relationships. 

It has only been in the last few years that I have come to deeply understand and appreciate the responsibility that I have been given for sharing my gifts of strategic thinking, influence and leadership. I have a desire to transfer any knowledge, insight or skill that will aid in the development of strong leaders and organizations to create collaborative progressive change.  Part of this work involves strategic, integrated thinking to better understand and plan for an uncertain future state: a conversation that I believe is best suited for teams willing to think differently and take strategic risks.

Guided by our combined education, experience and knowledge, my thinking partner and I will guide you through an amazing learning journey as you define and move towards your future state, as a leader, as a team, as a board, as an organization or as a community!

I am a Registered Social Worker and hold a Bachelors in Human Services Administration. 

Our Consulting Philosophy

We have a different approach.

We have learned to create space that allows for deep and meaningful conversations where teams, organizations or communities can think differently together and can realize their desired future state. We can foster your learning and the development of skills with your team, organization or community group.  

We want to be a part of your leadership journey.  

With over 50 years of senior leadership and management experience we can help you build capacity that will leverage the way your people think and learn together and ensure that you have the tools to build internal and external relationships to realize your vision. 

We want to create a community of leaders.  

We want to connect, build and support a network of systems thinkers that have a strong desire to continue to learn and grow organizations and initiatives that make a difference. We know that collaborating and leading change across organizational or systems boundaries requires time, practice and continual learning. 

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