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A Team Learning Journey: Jasper Place Family Resource Centre

Karen & I recently completed a customized team learning journey with a client Jasper Place Family Resource Centre who provided us with permission to share their experience with prospective clients.  We met weekly over six consecutive weeks with the ED and the management team.  During these sessions we addressed their unique team development needs.  Here are some of the comments from that team:

I learned so much about leadership, learning, teams. I learned a new language, from a different realm, and so many concepts. (There was) Tons of new learning and tools. For me, hearing the information (provided by Nicole & Karen) for the first time opened up a whole world, a world that made we want to get books and explore authors and put (this knowledge and) these tools into practice.

We used many of the tools we learnt, to have a long overdue conversation about our vacation policy.  (As a result of applying our learning and using the tools) This was the most authentic conversation we have had as a team in 20 years.  And we are going to have a more functional vacation policy. 

Come prepared to challenge your beliefs, biases and assumptions, to reflect as a team and as a person! It’s worth committing the time – the rewards/possibilities can be endless if you apply the learning!  Karen & Nicole are fabulous facilitators for these sessions – with flexibility and intention striving to work with teams to support the understanding (of the new knowledge they share),(to)  practice, (to) focus learning (on current challenges) and (to) our team’s growth!

Our leadership development and change management services at OBD are delivered via…

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…..they are intended to address your current leadership development gaps, address your current challenges, and to build capacity in your leaders, teams and in your organization. 

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A sample of our Customized Client Learning Journeys

    • Personal Mastery: Building your Leadership Capacity Individual leadership development for current leaders and emergent leaders at any level. Customized learning and/or coaching with our affilate executive coaches to build your capacity and achieve your desired results.
    • Team Learning Journey: Building Learning Teams Includes individual team member assessment and a customized team learning series to build capacity and address your teams needs at the Board, Senior Leadership/Executive or management team level.
    • Organizational Learning Journey: Building a Learning Organization. Includes an organizational Cultural Audit. A report and recommendations for a customized organization learning series.


We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.

- Einstein

The deep problems we face today are the results of a way of thinking whose time has passed.

- The Necessary Revolution, Peter Senge et al

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