Emergent Leadership Essentials Series

Organizations by Design Inc. (OBD) and CAFRA partnered to develop a Leadership Essentials Series for Executive Directors and Program Directors in Childcare Centers!

This program is applicable to managers and directors in any sector, not just early educators! 

Purpose & Objectives

Through a series of 8 sessions, leaders discover their leadership competencies, individual qualities and attributes for leading people using their unique personal leadership style. Learning sessions will model the dispositions and quality interactions to optimize and create learning environments. The sessions will provide information, tools, ideas and structures to support growth and development for new leaders.

Pre-Session: Self-Assessment of leadership attributes (values).

Session 1: Leadership Essentials (3 hours) 

  • Personal Leadership Style 
  • Mental Models
  • Attributes (values) of Learning Team Leaders 
  • Reflective Practice Tools

Session 2: Attributes in Action: Who am I as a Leader?  (1 hour)

Session 3: Pedagogical Leadership (3 hours)

  • Ground Rules & Agreements
  • Building a Learning Team
  • Adult Learning

Session 4: How do I create a learning organization? (1 hour) 

Session 5: Part II: Pedagogical Leadership (3 hours) 

  • Engagement: Team & Client Focused
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Leading through teaching 

Session 6: How do I optimize learning with staff/clients? (1 hour) 

Session 7: Administrative Leadership (3 hours)

  • Decision Making & Priority Management Tools
  • Balancing Stability & Growth
  • A Positive Workplace 
  • Mental Health & Wellness in the Workplace

Session 8: What are effective strategies for making difficult decisions? (1 hour)

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The 2023 ELES leadership cohort:

Bridgette Singh, VP Operations, Jasper Wellness Centre

Hannah Pazderka, Director of DEI, Faculty of Psychiatry, UAlberta

Marilyn Armstrong, ASaP Program Manager, GRIT

Morgan Northey, Director, Ubuntu Children & Families CSD

Tanner Chambers, Director, Social Enterprise, Bissell Centre

Tracy Hemauer, Executive Director, Student Union Early Learning and Community Centre

Wanda Polzin Holman, Clinical Director, Little Warriors