Emergent Leadership Essentials Series

Organizations by Design Inc. (OBD) and the Edmonton Community Foundation invite you to join us on a Leadership Learning Journey starting February 2022!

Our goal: Our Emergent Leadership Essentials Series will bring emergent leaders in the Edmonton Community Foundation catchment area together for a leadership learning journey to build on your knowledge, skills and capacities; to augment your on the job experience; and to prepare you for taking on a senior leadership or executive director role in your organizations or within the charitable sector.  

Content, Approach & Timelines: The following knowledge, skill and capacity gaps were identified by senior leaders as being critical for emergent leaders: decision making, change management, building relationships, accountability & responsibility, politically savvy, attitudes & thinking differently, values, learning, diversity, equity & inclusion. These will be addressed in our 16-month leadership learning journey. 

Our monthly experiential learning sessions will include: knowledge sharing, tool sharing, self reflection, small group, group share and application of the learning to current work challenges.

The 3 hour monthly experiential learning sessions will commence in February 2022 on a day/time that works best for all selected candidates. It will be followed by six 90 minute monthly Learning Community of Practice (LCoP) sessions that will run from January to June 2023. The program will be offered virtually with occasional face to face meetings. 

We have a different approach. We have learned to create space that allows for deep and meaningful conversations where leaders, teams, organizations or communities can think differently together and can realize their desired future state. We foster learning and the development of skills with teams, and organizations.

We want to be a part of your leadership journey. With over 50 years of senior leadership and management experience we can help build capacity that will leverage the way your people think and learn together and ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to build internal and external relationships to realize your vision. 

We want to create a community of leaders. We want to connect, build and support a network of systems thinkers that have a strong desire to continue to learn and grow organizations and initiatives that make a difference.  We know that collaborating and leading change across organizational or systems boundaries requires time, practice and continual learning.  

To the learning,

Karen Caine & Nicole van Kuppeveld
Partners, Organizations by Design Inc.


Application Process: In your application please provide your name, current position/title, the name of your current agency or organization, the position that you aspire to within your organization and in less than 250 words describe your reason for wanting to participate in this Emergent Leadership Essentials Series.

Course Tuition Fees: The Edmonton Community Foundation sponsorship will cover the course fee for up to 12 of the successful applicants.

Deposit: A cheque for $250 from the applicant or their sponsoring organization is required at the time of application. Cheques or e-transfers will be returned to those applicants (or their sponsoring organization) not admitted to the program.

Application Deadline: Recruitment and screening of candidates will be ongoing.  Candidates will be screen and admitted in the order they apply. The application deadline has been extended to 11:59 PM on January 30, 2022. We encourage you to apply early.

Please send applications and e-transfers to: Nicole@organizationsbydesign.ca or mail cheques to: OBD Inc. 205 Groveland Place, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3G3 

We look forward to receiving your application and or/ hearing from you about any questions you may have about this exciting opportunity to grow as a leader.