Rethinking Your Work Environment  Post-Pandemic: Is your Organization Feeling the Heat?

Reflective leaders are looking to apply the learnings from the way their teams worked during the pandemic to ‘a new way of working’.

The PwC Report: How Business Can Emerge Stronger. From their Global CEO’s Survey of over 5000 leaders PwC identified some of the key lessons learned from the pandemic and the key issues that will be front of mind in 2021 and beyond. There is strong alignment between these results and the focus of our leadership development and workshop content at Organizations by Design Inc. (OBD). 

Mental Health & Well-being. The number one CEO identified need was employee mental health and well-being. Strategies included: creating more caring work environments, wellness check ins, pulse surveys, peer pairing, and increased social time at work. These strategies benefit all employees but particularly marginalized employees deemed most at risk.  At OBD we offer learning sessions on Tools & Strategies to Build Employee Resilience. 

Collaboration & Flexibility. Prior to and during the global pandemic knowledge workers were able to work from home and/or office based locations. Both of which have their benefits. A lesson learned from the pandemic was that flexible work arrangements and some time spent face to face not only promotes but is needed for generating employee engagement and innovative solutions. At OBD one of our most popular workshops- attended by over 75 leaders and managers this past year was Building Collaborative Learning Teams.  Visit our workshop page on our website for more details.

Organizational Culture & Values. At OBD, culture, values and relationships are the core of our work with leaders and their teams.  We were thrilled to see that culture and values are on the radar for global CEO’s.  Shifting your organizational culture to create the environment you want – one that will allow you to live your values to reach your shared vision is something we can guide you through- in our Organizational Cultural Audit– let’s talk! 

Psychological Safety. Psychological Safety is being talked about in many webinars, workshops and leadership circles. It’s easily described, but much harder to create. In our OBD workshops and learning communities of practice, our clients learn ‘how to’ create and maintain psychological safety in their teams.  Contact us to learn more!

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Sustainability and Cybersecurity. At OBD social and governance sustainability are integrated into our Organizational Cultural Audits and conversations with clients.  And from a risk management perspective, with the increase in use of digital and online technologies to deliver our services, we all need to be aware of the risks (not only the benefits) of working in an online environment!

The key take-away from the PWC survey was the need to rethink the way we work and deliver services to our clients. OBD is able to take your team through a learning journey to implement the lessons learned and new best practices post-pandemic. We can assist as you recreate your work environment of tomorrow, today in our Leaders! Build Your Dream Team online leadership development program.

PwC’s CEO Panel Survey 
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