Creating trust, commitment, collaborating and leading change across system boundaries requires time and continual learning.

  • Collaboration is knowing how to build and sustain the relationships needed to achieve change, it’s about working together.
  • It’s not about stopping something…it’s about creating something better.
  • It’s about understanding our inter-dependencies and inter-connectedness and how these will guide us in co-creating the future we desire.
  • Ultimately collaboration is about relationships.

Are you looking for the skills to manage your teams and organization in times of constant change? Do you want to learn how to build and sustain deep and meaningful relationships with your team, your organization or your community?  

Our team will bring, to your team, organization or project people who are integral to your success. Together we will create safe spaces to explore differences, find common ground and build capacity towards your shared goals. 

Some local, organizational, collaborative and community initiatives include:

Knowledge Keepers – Terra Centre for Teen Parents has found a way to integrate Indigenous culture in its work with First Nation Metis and Inuit (FNMI) participants by supporting, informing and providing resources to a group of employees called Knowledge Keepers. Team members meet quarterly to discuss the impacts of their work and share their learning with participants, colleagues and the community.

C5 – This multi-agency collaborative collectively serve, advocate and empower 30,000 of Edmonton’s most vulnerable residents.  Their work is inspiring; the way they work, think and learn together – is an example of change occurring across system boundaries. It is a collaborative partnership of five leading Edmonton agencies including Terra, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, Boyle Street Community Services, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre. Visit Collaborating for Change (

Fruits of Sherbrooke Society – This not-for-profit organization is committed to rescuing fruit by harvesting, processing and preserving fruit not being used by homeowners, farms and businesses and turning them into consumable products. Visit Fruits of Sherbrooke

Women and Money (WAM) Through events and activities, Women and Money seeks to increase the financial literacy of women. This initiative includes topics such as holiday spending, mortgages, wills and estate planning. Subject matter experts and women from across Edmonton share their real-life financial stories and advice. Visit  (

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland: The Story of A Collaborative Vision and Its Success – Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce (

A couple global initiatives that matter to us: 

The Sustainable Food Lab – This not-for-profit organization was launched in 2004 to create a sustainable food system by helping organizations turn ideas into action.  They are one of the largest and most promising systemic change initiatives. Visit Sustainable Food Lab

Girl Effect – The Girl Effect is a creative non-profit with experts in media, mobile, brand and international development, working where girls are marginalised and vulnerable.  A sample of their work is highlighted to show you a marketing video with a very powerful message with simple but amazing visuals. Visit Girl Effect

 To learn more about these initiatives visit their website or connect with us.