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Peer to Manager

Moving from peer to manager can be hard. You need to learn new skills, be decisive, and adjust to a new mindset. This episode will help you navigate the transition, as well as give you some great tips for being a successful manager. For how to make the transition from peer to manager click the podcast link:https://www.kathyarcher.com/podcast/73

Our Continuing Education Offering Systems Leadership Series was a huge success!

Our Systems Leadership Series (SLS) was offered weekly in a virtual synchronous environment in collaboration with our partner Concordia University of Edmonton. It started Tuesday January 11th running from 9:30AM-12:30PM MST for eight consecutive weeks.  Here is what a few learners had to say:

“Having Nicole deliver this course was wonderful. I appreciate her approach to learning. She has such a wide range of expertise and helps you reflect and push yourself to do the learning.  The Systems Leadership course should be offered more regularly so we can encourage many more of our colleagues and peers to take it.” – Sharlene Irwin

“I love the way Nicole facilitated this series.  She was very calm, informative, reflective an allowed us plenty of opportunity for self-reflection, pair sharing and group sharing… I thoroughly enjoyed this series, I learned a lot from it, and I think it was a very useful course as a leader of a system.” – Erica Wayne

The next SLS offering at Concordia University of Edmonton will be in the Fall 2023 running from October 4 to November 22, 2023.
To register https://concordia.ab.ca/external-affairs/office-of-extension-and-culture/extension-programs/systems-leadership/

Systems Leadership Series
Are you, your team, or your organization looking at ways to learn to think differently together? Looking at where to intervene in your system to impact real change? Learning (or refreshing) your innate systems thinking skills will literally change your view of your world. Come and learn about how to apply the habits of systems thinkers, learn systems thinking tools and about systems archetypes that you can apply in your everyday work.

To have these series delivered to your Board, Executive, Senior Leadership, Management or Program Team at a time that is convenient for contact Shauna at info@organizationsbydesign.ca (mailto:info@organizationsbydesign.ca)

A Warm Welcome to Shauna Helm our new Office Administrator!

Shauna is an amazing human! Her love of learning and of life are contagious!

Karen and I met Shauna during a mayoral election campaign that we were volunteering on together.  As the campaign volunteer coordinator Shauna had a way of getting people excited and engaged as she communicated, recruited and connected them to volunteer opportunities during the campaign.

Shauna has an accounting designation and has worked in Not for Profits like the Mustard Seed.  She has a well balanced life which includes toastmasters, spending time with her grand daughter, travelling, volunteering as a board member and her role as our new office administrator.

We are grateful for all of the knowledge, skills and abilities- and curious questions that Shauna brings to our OBD team. Her role includes but is not limited to:

 Monitoring and responding to our info@organizationsbydesign.ca email
 File management & organization of OBD shared Google drive
 Workshop advertising, registration, logistics and Zoom support
 Financial System Tracking & Document Preparation
 Marketing & Communications including marketing calls, establishing and maintaining client data base, advertising of events, preparation of marketing materials, generating new clients leads

Welcome aboard Shauna! We grateful that you are sharing your time and talent with OBD!
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