All great journeys start with the courage to step into uncertainty having the confidence that you will continue to learn and find companions along the way. 

We use a different approach. 

We have come to deeply understand and appreciate the responsibility of sharing our gifts of strategic thinking, influence and leading.  We want to transfer the knowledge, insights and skills that will aid in the development of strong leaders and organizations to create collaborative progressive change.  We have learned to create space that allows for deep and meaningful conversations where teams, organizations or communities can think differently together and can realize their desired future state. We can teach you to do this within your team, organization or community.  


We want to be a part of your leadership journey.  

With over 50 years of senior leadership and management experience in government and not for profit organizations, Organizations by Design thinking partners, Nicole and Karen, offer expertise in leadership development, change management, organizational design, visioning and facilitation. We can help you build capacity that will leverage the way your people think and learn together and ensure that you have the tools to build internal and external relationships to realize your vision. 

We want to create a community of leaders.  

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an army of systems leaders that see and are willing to make a better tomorrow.  We want to connect, build and support a network of systems thinkers that have a strong desire to continue to learn and grow organizations and initiatives that make a difference. We know that collaborating and leading change across organizational or systems boundaries requires time, practice and continual learning.  And it requires finding companions to accompany us on these journeys.  We want to share resources, tools and create a community of learners, so that collectively we can impact change in ourselves, our organizations and in our world.  

We welcome you to visit our website at to learn more about how we are hoping to make an impact!